Why should You Try Kotlin for Android Development?

Kotlin for Android

As we know, Java has been used for many years and we also know that java is the primary language for Android app development but that doesn’t mean Java is always the best choice because it has some cons like error-prone, old, slower modernization and verbose. These are making Java a less preferable option for android app development. So, Kotlin for Android is worth alternative.

In May 2017, Google announced that it would now support a new programming language, Kotlin for Android Development at Google I/O event. This was a revolution for the Android industry and now creating a new era of app development. So, let’s discuss:


What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language and originated by ‘Jet Brains’. Its name originates from the Kotlin Island which is situated close St. Petersburg, Russia. It is open source language for JVM that combines functional and object-oriented programming benefits. Kotlin for Android is focused on safety, clarity, interoperability and tooling support.

Pros of Kotlin for Android:
  • Increases team efficiency
  • Complies with existing Java code
  • Easily maintainable
  • Less buggy


Here are my reasons “Why should you Try Kotlin for Android Development?”


1. Kotlin is much safer than Java:

If we talk about Java, we all know about ‘NullPointerException’. In reality, we also feel extremely disappointed because it’s a noteworthy issue in the design of the language itself.


But if we talk about Kotlin for Android, it reverts into: –

  • Less errors
  • The compiler can detect those errors like NullPointerException
  • Understanding of code is much easier
  • It helps to do work more in less time


2. Interoperability:

Kotlin is 100% Inter-operable with Java libraries. So, apps that you have already created can be migrated to Kotlin. You can also use extension functions to add functionality without rewriting the code to Kotlin. This means it has a great advantage to develop apps i.e. Kotlin for Android to use powerful features.


3. No semi-colons:

This may seem like a little thing at first, however, the way that Kotlin code doesn’t expect you to end lines with semi-colons means that you will never need to chase for missing punctuation again! You’re as still ready to utilize them if you wish, yet you’re by and by allowed to pick.


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4. No cost to adoption:

There is no expense of adopting Kotlin because Kotlin is an open source language. It is totally free and accessible for everybody to utilize. On the off chance that you have old Java projects, nothing to fuss about. Basically, utilize the Java-to-Kotlin converter module and all Java code will be changed over into Kotlin code. Your record size and code difficulty will also decrease.


5. You’ll develop application faster with less complexity:

Kotlin requires fewer lines of code from other programming languages. It is a naturally compact language, so it can solve numerous basic improvement issues with only a couple of lines of code.

For example: “val positiveNumbers = list.filter { it > 0}”


6. Quality improvement in the application:

Kotlin enhances the quality of your applications through “security” features that have been intended to lessen the number of bugs and framework disappointments. For instance, it has a solid sort framework dependent on null-safety. This means, variables can’t be invalid or null, so you can get more errors at compile-time before transportation to clients. This is extremely helpful.


7. Kotlin for Android:  The easy learning curve

Kotlin is designed to have a smooth learning to absorb information for Java developers. Java designers should take note of that most Kotlin syntax looks well-known. For example, the code used to create a substitution class in Kotlin is to a great degree like Java.

Kotlin is designed to be instinctive and simple to filter, whether you discover a code that is drastically unexpected. You should still have the capacity to get the essence of what this code is doing.


Closing Thoughts:

In my opinion, Kotlin for Android can help make your life as an Android developer a lot demanding. While developers go over the edge when utilizing cutting-edge technologies that aren’t fight hardened, new tools to get developers started up to assemble wonderful things.