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The shift from getting to the Internet on work desktops and workstations to perusing on cell phones has been fairly quick. As indicated by a worldwide advanced report from ‘We are Social’, the quantity of cell phone clients around the world, crossed 5 billion. Unlike what the cynics had anticipated, Mobile App Development Frameworks was no air bubble, nor was it an ephemeral trend bound to run out.

One common question arises in app developer is ‘What is the desired framework for mobile app development?’  and exactly what we are here to discuss in this post.

So, let’s discuss “Top Mobile App Development Frameworks to be Used in 2019”





If you need the fast game and application advancement, at that point Corona is all great to utilize. Corona empowers around 10 times quicker application development. This is because the Corona application backend totally relies upon Lua.

In other words, highly adaptable, lightweight and multi-paradigm programming language having a focus on movability, speed, usability, and extensibility.

Corona also offers a built-in engine, native UI support, in excess of 500 APIs and a promoting platform built for developers.






Xamarin is a cross-platform Mobile App Development Frameworks tool that can help them in building cross-platform mobile applications. It supports wearable devices as well and builds native applications for Android Wear and Apple Watch as well. Through this tool, the developers can build native Android and iOS apps with the same feel and look and with the same user interface. If you are building a native app using Xamarin that means you are making native apps with more reliable, flexible, and Native performance.

Example: Siemens, Honeywell, Slack, Pinterest etc.





Ionic is an open source and software development kit that built to enable Mobile App Development Frameworks. it is the front-end framework for mobile apps and contains a lot of mobile-optimized HTMLCSS and JavaScript components. It is an HTML5 mobile app development framework for building hybrid mobile apps. It is used as the front-end UI framework that manages all of the looks and feels and UI interactions in an application. Since it is an HTML5 framework and it needs a native wrapper like Cordova or PhoneGap in order to run as a native app. It is also built on Angular and SAAS.

Example: CATTargetDieselMarketWatch





Firebase Database was established back in 2011 but was launched in April 2012 by ‘Andrew Lee and James Tamplin’. Firebase Database is a Real-Time database service that enables users to synchronize and store data across customers.

These stored data are accessible only when a cloud service is available. It is typically a JSON tree database that is similar to many other NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and Redis.

It is geared towards Enterprise application to help enterprises and increase their profits through mobile apps.



Tensor Flow


TensorFlow is a second modern era Machine Learning framework, trailed by DistBelief. It became out of a task at Google, called Google Brain, went for applying different sorts of the neural system network. It is an open source programming library for numerical calculation utilizing information stream graphs utilized in following tasks at Google – DeepDreamRankBrainSmart Reply, and some more.




Sencha Touch is generally favored by ventures as it has an extensive variety of items to work with. ExtJS is the principle JavaScript utilized for development and gives a rich look and superior to the applications. It has prepared to utilize tools for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. For simplicity of development, Sencha Touch additionally gives an intuitive choice for the visual application developer. It is a standout amongst other systems to accomplish a high performing application with awesome visuals.


React Native:

React Native

React Native is also an open-source Mobile App Development Frameworks in which you build mobile apps for Android and IOS. It is introduced by Facebook. As it uses a JavaScript framework, it has gained ground quickly among the developers. It supports Android 4.1 +, IOS 8 +.

Example: FacebookInstagramAirbnbWalmartSkype, and Tesla.




PhoneGap is an Open Source Mobile App Development Frameworks free to utilize a mobile application development framework. It falls into the classification of cross-platform application development. It may be utilized for building up a solitary application which takes a shot at all mobile devices.



With the end goal to win the high rivalry of mobile applications development, you would need to ensure the best possible choice of Platforms, systems, technologies, group of developers and other fundamental viewpoints.

If you settle on the decision of Android application development at that point chances are more to lead in the application market. These mentioned frameworks will extensively assist you in achieving the best results from your Android application development and satisfy your endeavors.

Simply pick one of these Android application improvement systems and get on your project work.

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