Latest Back-end Frameworks for Web App Development in 2019

Back-end frameworks

When it comes to web application advancement, front-end as well as the back-end frameworks, both possess a vital role in making an astonishing website. The back-end frameworks comprise of language and tools utilized in server-side programming in a web application advancement environment.

Back-end frameworks comprise of tools and dialects utilized in server-side programming in a web advancement environment. The way to effective web application improvement is picking the right stack, understanding the server design separated from adopting new databases and programming languages.

The choice of backend frameworks should be possible based on the accompanying criteria:
  • Learning Curve
  • Core Library
  • Vulnerability
  • Documentation
  • Hosting Mode


Most popular backend frameworks in 2019 are:

 1. Phoenix (Elixir):


The Phoenix backend frameworks are fueled by the Erlang Virtual Machine (VM), which improves much utilization of resources. The system is equipped for dealing with countless at the same time, by virtue of its high speeds. Like Ruby on Rails or Python’s Django, Phoenix is composed in Elixir and takes after the server-side MVC design.


  • Beautiful and well-designed
  • Very fast
  • Great documentation
  • Real-time streaming
  • Fault-tolerant


2. Flask:


Flask is basically the most prominent and light-weight Python web application smaller scale structure that does not utilize tools or libraries. It is thought to be a perfect structure for running web applications over installed devices. With the Unicode-based help and broad documentation, it chops down the assignments for developers and project analyst. 


  • Extremely flexible
  • Minimalist without sacrificing power
  • Simple to learn and use
  • Routing URLs is easy
  • Small core and easily extensible




Meteor is a full-stack framework which makes utilization of JavaScript both for the front end and for backend plans, for growing constant applications for web and versatile. One essentially needs to construct a typical web application with Meteor and it is consequently continuous. It takes a shot at Node.


  • A front-end designer can undoubtedly take a shot at the back-end with Meteor without exchanging between Ruby/Python/PHP or some other languages.
  • Meteor has completed autonomous app compiler.
  • Provides real-time update.


4. Ruby on Rails (RoR):

This is a prominent web application development framework composed utilizing the Ruby programming language and executed on Linux. It offers designers happy with the coding condition, with simple accumulation and testing. An extraordinary on account of the MVC design with which engineers can include their code for perspectives or models in a simultaneous domain.


  • VPS hosting service
  • A number of plugins available
  • Massive community
  • Good conventions


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5. Django: 

It is a high-level Python web application development framework that gives a spotless and logical plan to the database-driven websites. This open-source framework depends on the Model-View-Template (MVT) design, that makes it reusable and empowers parts to module consistently.

Popular sites using Django: Disqus, Instagram, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla, Pinterest, and so on.


  • Well-established software with many plugins
  • ORM support
  • Highly customizable
  • Forms framework
  • Simple database management



Nowadays having a website is more imperative for the organization than having an office. Being in front of web development trends implies drawing in new clients, fulfilling existing clients and urging more seasoned clients to return.