Hadoop and Spark Consulting Services

Hadoop and Spark Consulting Services

Helping organizations utilize Hadoop and Spark to make better decisions and drive performance

If you tune in on what people are discussing at Big Data, odds are you’ll hear a ton of buzz around Hadoop and Spark. Individuals frequently consider Hadoop and Apache Spark as key tools for handling a wide scope of Big data challenges, yet they expect that they need to pick one device over the other.

Be that as it may, these decisions are not totally unrelated; there are numerous circumstances where you are greatly improved off if you are utilizing both, as they supplement each other much of the time.

The most important thing to recall about Hadoop and Spark is that their utilization isn’t an either-or situation since they are not totally unrelated. Nor is one essentially a drop-in trade for the other. The two are good with one another and that makes their matching an incredibly ground-breaking answer for an assortment of big data applications.

Binary Informatics offers the best Big Data Hadoop and Spark Consulting Services, helping both extensive organizations and littler new businesses meet their information preparing needs. We’re a Cloudera counseling accomplice and our specialists can custom-tailor an answer to open your business’ maximum capacity.


56% of Enterprises Will Increase Their Investment in Big Data over the Next Three Years – Forbes


Why you should consider using Hadoop and Spark together?

If you consider Spark simply a swap for Hadoop, you are scamming yourself. Rather than supplanting Hadoop, look at Spark as a reciprocal innovation that ought to be utilized in association with Hadoop.

Remember that Spark can run independently from the Hadoop framework, where it can incorporate with other capacity stages and bunch directors. It can likewise run specifically over Hadoop, where it can undoubtedly use its stockpiling and group administrator. Basically, Spark can keep running on Hadoop, Mesos, independent, or in the cloud.


Hadoop and Spark Services to solve your data necessities

Hadoop and Spark are both big data frameworks utilized in the data science activities to extract valuable knowledge. Both the frameworks are not totally unrelated and they can cooperate.

Hadoop is a parallel data processing platform that utilizes open source programming, a circulated record framework (HDFS), and MapReduce to store, oversee, and process huge data sets. This is being conveyed by the organizations for quite a while.

Binary Informatics enables organizations to meet their business-basic information preparing needs. Our data experts enable you to comprehend the perfect parts of the Hadoop and Spark environment that best accommodates your association.

We give AI-driven bits of knowledge by utilizing expertise and core proficiency. We help organizations with each part of Hadoop sending appropriate from interview and establishment to configuration and optimization.



With 10+ years of experience in data analytics and 5 years in Hadoop and Spark Consulting Services, we realize how to convey a Spark-based and Hadoop solution custom-made to your need. Our experts are prepared to help you at any phase of your big data projects, productively handling the difficulties you may experience in transit.

Binary Informatics aptitude covers a wide scope of Big Data services, for example, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive and Apache Cassandra, however among big data processing frameworks, Apache Spark is the one we appreciate the most.

Binary Informatics’ finished and incorporated services can address all the Big Data related necessities of the organization. We develop data-driven applications to enable organizations to implement Hadoop and Spark in their associations for making predictive analysis and increasing significant experiences.


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