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The efforts in Digital and automation like re-engineering of critical processes to help to achieve operational efficiencies.

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We aim at creating new business designs by using digital technologies that impact the top line of business extremely favorable. Basically, it is the process of converting information into digital format.


Binary informatics considers digital services as the top-level offering and consistently adding new team skills and approach under this service fold.


Like never before, advanced changes organizations. In this specific circumstance, organizations must utilize new advancements to stay aggressive, proficient and current. This change impacts the general capacity of organizations and disturbs methods and processes.


To stay beneficial and build up their benefit, organizations must start a digitalization of their business procedures, and consider the distinctive phases of the handling of a record.


Below are the specific services under digital and automation services:


  • Big data
  • IOT devices
  • Cloud
  • mobile


Binary Informatics offers these services:


  • Real-time observations.
  • We help clients optimize their business logic through operational intelligence.
  • We use right data science tool advice to the client.
  • Future-ready infrastructure.