Project Name: Logicladder Website Development

logicleader case study


Logicladder is a leader in delivering energy and asset performance savings. It delivers energy savings to small & medium enterprises, campuses and government organizations on an ongoing basis. They are their energy and asset efficiency outsourcing partner.




  • A dated website with limited functionality, sub-par navigation, and numerous branding inconsistencies
  • Poor website performance, technical issues, and errors, and an inaccurate customer/client perception
  • There were mainly two challenges- to create a website that would help the company to have an outstanding image among its competitors and to create a pricing list that will display the price as per the customization options; prices required not to vary randomly.


The Strategy


  • Years of experience and team cooperation let us design the entire website in the way that it ensured infatuating looks, responsive design, enhanced functionality and clear navigation options.
  • Creation and implementation of a rate quote generation engine, which included creating multiple forms that pulled information to generate a wide list of results, and the abilities to create a PDF email of results.




Our careful and focused efforts let us deliver the designing and development services in a way that the website exceeded the expectations of the client. He is really happy and satisfied with our work as the website is helping him in bringing a lot of business.


Tools Used


  • CMS: Drupal
  • JavaScript Framework
  • Lightbox,jQuery1.8.3
  • Modernizr2.7.0,Font Script
  • Web Server: Nginx1.4.6
  • Font Script: Google Font API
  • Programming Language
  • PHP5.5.9
  • Operating System: Ubuntu