Project Name: Gomedii Platform Development(Web and App)


Offshore Development Company, Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Devops, App Development, Video Solutions, Designing Services, Binary Informatics




GoMedii is a healthcare product that serves as a marketplace and connects neighborhood pharmacies with their customers. GoMedii runs on robust and reliable technology. It also adheres to the safety and privacy needs so that customers’ data is secure.




  • Relentless focus on customer experience
  • Online, offline, and multichannel retailers, vendors, distributors Registration option
  • Wanted to update prescription files of various formats
  • Inbox management, promote repeat purchases
  • Using personalization to make relevant recommendations and a clear checkout process
  • Unique image upload and searching experience.


The Strategy


  • Agile approach for rapid completion of the website and the Application
  • Independent modules were created and converted them into user controls, which makes it easy to work out a specific page through quoting.
  • The price table was designed with suggestions for different quantity.
  • Fully 100% customizable design using templates
  • Secure, scalable and extendable e-commerce platform
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Customization and extensions to suit the client’s needs




  • Easy for our clients to use and operate, and supports content teams well
  • Secure, stable, and open architecture
  • Contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend for easy management
  • Full-fledged product information for the users
  • Order Tracking & Status update for items, users, admin, vendor, agent, item category etc.


Tools Used


  • Angular4.4.6
  • jQuery3.2.0
  • Hammer.js2.0.4
  • Materialize CSS
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Bootstrap
  • IIS10.0
  • Windows Server