Top 11 Mobile App Development Tools and Technologies 2019

Mobile App Development Tools

The mobile application industry is an energizing zone to watch out for. It has become enormously in the course of the most recent decade and it is probably going to do as such later on too. Because of the absolute most recent Mobile App Development tools and advances making their raid into the business today.

The eventual fate of Mobile App Development will see more developers building particular devices for other growing developers. The market for Mobile App Development tools is as of now hinting at expanded development.

Great tools, particularly cross-platform tools that make it simpler for developers to construct mobile applications, are well on the ascent. There are third-party tools for pretty much every progression of a mobile developer’s work process, from cloud servers to application examination.

In this article, we will take a gander at a portion of the famous Mobile App Development tools available at a developer’s disposal today.

Mobile App Development Tools and Technologies


1. Mobile Angular UI

It is one of the many buzz platforms in mobile and web development. We’ll make an application utilizing Mobile Angular UI, a platform to create HTML 5 Mobile applications that consolidate AngularJS with Bootstrap.

It gives basic versatile parts missing in Bootstrap 3, for example, switches and overlays and so on. It has no reliance on jQuery yet rather depends on libraries, for example, fastclick.js and overthrow.js to accomplish a superior mobile experience.


2. NativeScript


NativeScript too is an open source, cross-platform development tool, yet not at all like numerous different contenders, the instrument can be utilized for nothing. The instrument doesn’t have the tiering framework with certain Pro or Paid levels for cutting-edge alternatives.

With NativeScript developers can utilize Angular, JavaScript, or TypeScript and manufacture versatile applications for Android and iOS. NativeScript has Vue.JS coordination also, notwithstanding its capacity to help several modules for broadened usefulness.

It, nonetheless, requires decent learning of the direction line, which implies that the designer would likewise need to supply their very own content manager.


3. Sencha


Sencha Touch is generally favored by ventures as it has an extensive variety of items to work with. ExtJS is the principle JavaScript utilized for development and gives a rich look and superior to the applications.

It has prepared to utilize tools for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. For simplicity of development, Sencha Touch additionally gives an intuitive choice for the visual application developer.

It is a standout amongst other systems to accomplish a high performing application with awesome visuals.


4. Firebase



Firebase is another Mobile App Development Tools. It bolsters the web, iOS, OS X, and Android customers. It can essentially chop down advancement time and abstains from upsetting servers and information stockpiling.

Firebase was established back in 2011 but was launched in April 2012 by ‘Andrew Lee and James Tamplin’. Firebase Database is a Real-Time database service that enables users to synchronize and store data across customers.

These stored data are accessible only when a cloud service is available. It is typically a JSON tree database that is similar to many other NoSQL databases such as MongoDBCassandra, and Redis.

It is geared towards Enterprise application to help enterprises and increase their profits through mobile apps.


5. Ionic



Ionic is an open source and software development kit that built to enable Mobile App Development Frameworks. it is the front-end framework for mobile apps and contains a lot of mobile-optimized HTMLCSS and JavaScript components.

It is an HTML5 mobile app development framework for building hybrid mobile apps. It is used as the front-end UI framework that manages all of the looks and feels and UI interactions in an application.

Since it is an HTML5 framework and it needs a native wrapper like Cordova or PhoneGap in order to run as a native app. It is also built on Angular and SAAS.

Example: CATTargetDieselMarketWatch


6. Xamarin




Xamarin is a cross-platform Mobile App Development Tools that can help them in building cross-platform mobile applications.

It supports wearable devices as well and builds native applications for Android Wear and Apple Watch as well.

Through this tool, the developers can build native Android and iOS apps with the same feel and look and with the same user interface.

 If you are building a native app using Xamarin that means you are making native apps with more reliable, flexible, and Native performance.

Example: SiemensHoneywellSlackPinterest etc.


7. React Native

react native

React Native is also an open-source Mobile App Development Tools in which you build mobile apps for Android and IOS. It is introduced by Facebook.

As it uses a JavaScript framework, it has gained ground quickly among the developers. It supports Android 4.1 +, IOS 8 +.

Example: FacebookInstagramAirbnbWalmartSkype, and Tesla.


8. PhoneGap



PhoneGap is an Open Source Mobile App Development Tools free to utilize a mobile application development framework. It falls into the classification of cross-platform application development. It may be utilized for building up a solitary application which takes a shot at all mobile devices.


9. Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Onsen UI offers UI structure and apparatuses for making HTML5 mixture versatile applications dependent on PhoneGap. It is anything but difficult to learn and ground-breaking apparatus to make portable applications.


10. Appery.IO

It is a cloud-based application development and support platform that includes an exceedingly complex visual application building device.

The platform accompanies various appealing layouts and backings highlights like coordinated backend administrations and responsive web applications. is utilized by a portion of the main associations, for example, Samsung and AT&T.



Cordova is a Mobile App Development Tools that enables you to compose a single code base utilizing HTML and JavaScript to be utilized to make applications for numerous stages including: for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Firefox, LG WebOS and FireOS.

All from a single code base wrapped into an application holder. Cordova has different apparatuses to help with improvement including PhoneGap, Ionic, Onsen UI and that’s just the beginning.


There are more Mobile App Development Tools out today than you can even check. They fluctuate in value, intricacy, ease of use, and a million different ways.

I trust you’ve discovered an incredible application development tool for your business someplace in this guide. All things considered, some of the time building up an application – notwithstanding utilizing a basic simplified proof-reader – can at present be excessively tedious or excessively befuddling.

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