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Android Jetpack

Google has launched Android Jetpack, a set of components, tools, and direction intended to quicken mobile app development.

Android product supervisor ‘Stephanie Cuthbertson’ unveiled the new set of Android segments in front of an audience at the organization’s I/O 2018 developers gathering.

Android Jetpack is the new release which has guaranteed to make Android application development interesting and simpler for the platform. It is the up and coming age of Android APIs.

Firstly, let’s discuss

“What is Android Jetpack?”

Android Jetpack is a set of segments, tools or a manual that can help Android application developers to build unique applications.

The parts of Android Jetpack will offer the extra design segments and expanded Support Library. They have been additionally classified into four divisions specifically User Interface (UI), Foundation, Architecture, and Behaviour.

The Jetpack elements even have the support of the “unbundled libraries”. however, it’s not related to the primary android platform. This permits the developers to implement each element at their own speed and time.


Android Jetpack introduces brand new components as follows:



WorkManager is a vocation dispatching service that gives you a chance to plan undertakings, indicates some optional constraints, and afterward leave WorkManager to deal with the rest.

When you utilize WorkManager to plan a task, it’s ensured to keep running when the conditions are met. If you plan a battery-intensive task to run when the device is charging,

At that point, this task will execute when the device is connected with a power outlet, regardless of whether the client has left your application or rebooted their device meanwhile.



Navigating among exercises or potentially sections has never been simple. Presently, with the Navigation library and the navigation viewer incorporated with Android Studio.

You can outwardly design how your screens are connected with each other. Numerous individuals have seen this is like Storyboards in Apple’s Interface Builder for iOS application development.



Regularly it has been seen that a large portion of the mainstream applications contain a colossal measure of information, which tends to consume an opening in the pocket in the event that you are stacking it. Thus, don’t go for the download or exhibiting all the while.

Google has presented the Paging segment 10.0 utilizing which you can without much of a stretch load and present a lot of information.

It also expands the speed of unending looking with the assistance of RecyclerView. You can without much of a stretch refresh your substance.



Google had formally announced its full help to Kotlin language separated from Java to create mobile applications.

Presently, with the arrival of Android Jetpack, Kotlin as language has turned out to be more profitable and change of codes has turned out to be considerably less demanding than any time in recent memory because of the nearness of AndroidKTX.

The AndroidKTX is known as a gathering of expansions to the Kotlin language, which simplifies it and diminishes the Boiler Plate code.



Slices alpha is the new and last Android Jetpack segment. A slice is a strategy through which you can surface your application’s UI inside the Google Assistant because of a hunt.



Google has launched the Android Jetpack with a plan to quicken the speed of Android application development process. It accompanies a heap of focal points, for example, Support Library, the Architecture Components and in addition other new segments.

Let’s use of it to implement your next idea!