Top 6 Mobile App Testing Tool for Android & iOS

Mobile App Testing Tool

Testing is defined as in which the tester removes bugs, defects, and errors from an application to make sure the application is working properly or not. There are two methods of testing. First is Manual Testing second one is Automation Testing and this is totally related to Mobile app testing tool.

Nowadays, Automation testing tools are very important for any Mobile app testing because it takes very less time for the testing process and the chances of human errors during test execution.

There is a lot of Mobile Automation Testing tool available on the market. Some are free while some are very expensive. Each tool is unique and has different characteristics.


 The list of top Mobile App Testing Tool:


1. Kobiton:

Kobiton gives users full control of real mobile devices during manual testing with multi-touch gestures, orientation, and GPS simulations, camera and speaker control and device connection management. With Kobiton, you can continuously test your app on a variety of mobile devices from older models to the latest releases.

Benefits of Kobiton mobile app testing tool: 

  • Support Appium 1.6.4
  • Simplified user experience to streamline test
  • Easy and Free Trial with no credit card required
  • Easy to Do Business With
  • Supports the Culture of Testers


2. SeeTest:

The SeeTest Perform continuous web and mobile app testing to accelerate and increase quality. SeeTest can be integrated with open source tools such as Appium and Selenium. It supports all mobile OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

SeeTest mobile app testing tool includes:

  • Develop
  • Execute
  • Analyse
  • Test manually
  • Debug


3. Squish by FrogLogic:

FrogLogic can solve your mobile test automation challenges with Squish for IOS and Android. Squish support for automated testing of native Mobile Apps, mobile Web Apps as well as a mixture of both. The tests can run on mobile device emulators and real devices without any changes. FrogLogic GUI Automation Tool is one of the best choices in terms of GUI Automation Tools.

Benefits of FrogLogic mobile app testing tool:

  • Advanced gesture support
  • CI and source control integration
  • End-to-End and IoT testing
  • Support for embedded web content
  • Advanced gesture support


4. KMAX:

KMAX is Used to test your mobile app or device to make sure it performs under adverse network condition. It provides pre-defined network scenarios, low-earth orbit satellite, including 3G/4G, LTE, and more. Optimize applications and provide high-quality products.

Benefits of KMAX mobile app testing tool:

  • Incorporate real or simulated network traffic
  • Customize network impairments
  • Accelerate time to market by getting rid of the guesswork
  • Choose from 22+ predefined mobile network scenarios and start testing immediately


5. Appium:

Appium is an open source, and a cross-platform test automation tool. It is used for hybrid and native iOS applications. it supports Android versions from 2.3 onwards. Appium works like a server in the background like selenium server. It supports various programming languages, such as Java, Ruby, C# and many more which are present in the WebDriver library. Appium utilizes WebDriver interface for tests running.

Benefits of Appium mobile app testing tool:

  • iOS and Android supported
  • Support  continuous integration
  • Support  various frameworks
  • Doesn’t require access to your source code or library


6. Testdroid:

Testdroid is a cloud-based mobile application testing tool. It helps the developer to save costs behind app development speed up time to market the product and reduce operational and unpredictable costs. It is the fastest way to test your application like real Android and iOS devices with different hardware platforms, screen resolutions, and OS versions.

 Benefits of Testdroid mobile app testing tool:

  • It saves in App development costs
  • Minimizes the risks with real devices and agile testing
  • Decrease operational and unpredictable costs
  • Enhance app rating and daily active users


These are the list of mobile application testing tools and You can use them for mobile application testing technology that will help you improve your coding and increase the quality of software product.