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Through these interesting times Binary Informatics handholds it’s customers to change the way the world does business.

Offshore Development Company, Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Devops, App Development, Video Solutions, Designing Services, Binary Informatics

Whether we’re transforming industries as diverse as how medicines are labeled and distributed to India’s 1 Billion people…..including how we sell these medicines to consumers, Binary Informatics Internet of Things Centre of Expertise is at the heart of efforts to transform companies business to compete and win in a digital world.


Don’t let the enormity of IoT hold you back from realizing the new business value that is available today.


Whether you have a well-defined project or the beginning of a vision, Binary Informatics offers end-to-end delivery capabilities to ensure clients benefit from a single execution journey, from envisioning to market impact.


Our team specializes to support data capture, real-time insight, and operational intelligence through Utilizing smart connected devices and cloud computing.