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Adhering to Government regulations and keeping a check on soaring patient care costs, Binary Informatics develops healthcare solutions that accustom the healthcare industry with better management and control abilities.

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Our IT security solutions have helped businesses achieve some of the following:


Increased visibility into network operations, allowing internal healthcare IT teams to fix problems quickly and efficiently Better mobile security and endpoint protection for companies with a distributed workforce Better data security and network security to protect patient records and business communications


Our solutions help your company stay up-to-date by meeting increasing mobility demands without sacrificing security or efficiency. Some of our IT solutions include:


Implementation of a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to help boost employee innovation and productivity Design, architecture, installation and support of a high-performance, high-availability enterprise wireless network Identify shortcomings and mobile security vulnerabilities in existing networks and offer cost-effective solutions to rectify them Optimize network so that secure communication with patients can take place anywhere and anytime