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The world is an increasingly connected place. From laptops and mobile devices to wearables and other “connected tech,” we are able to understand consumers on a personal level like never before. The way brands win in the modern age of digital strategy is by truly understanding their consumers through quantitative and qualitative research and then crafting experiences that tell a clear and consistent brand story across all digital channels.

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Our approach to strategy is built upon human-centered design, ensuring we map out the entire consumer journey and continue to iterate and evolve as platforms and people’s behaviors transform. The days of paid, earned, owned media strategies are over. In fact, they never represented how humans consumed media to begin with. At DS, our digital strategies are built on the concept of reach, depth, and relationships. We believe that strategic success depends on comprehensive, consistent, and authentic messaging delivered across every channel that nurtures an individual’s unique buying state in respect to their customer journey.


We move businesses forward. We operate under the belief that there really is no such thing as “digital strategy.” It’s business strategy with a focus on the channels and tapping into the ways people are consuming, communicating, and connecting to your brand and business. As a curious group of Digital Natives, we help you understand, navigate, and find your place in this ever-changing landscape. Using tried and true strategic frameworks we are able to build a robust digital plan for your brand, powered by deep consumer insights and behaviors. Our multi-channel engagement strategies foster authentic, native connections to your audience at all of their digital touchpoints. Most importantly, they establish shared language within your organization which helps lead to unlocking digital transformation.


Our toolkit is highly adaptable, allowing us to remain nimble and solve challenging problems using appropriate techniques to craft consistent and engaging brand stories.

Digital Strategy

A robust, executable plan that outlines your brand’s path to success, brought forth in a shared language and framework for you, your teams, and vendor partners.

Digital Transformation Audit - (dXA Digital Experience Audit)

Digital Transformation will increase your customer lifetime value and drive the metrics that matter to your business.

Product & Experience Innovation

A robust digital strategy might call for tactics, assets, and platforms that don’t even exist yet. Are you ready to be a leader in your market?