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DevOps is one of the distinct advantages, making this move conceivable by quickening software delivery and facilitating the cross-platform development that happens all through the software life cycle.

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Binary Informatics provides services for Managed DevOps, empowering undertakings to manufacture programming with present-day programming conveyance practices and accomplish more prominent spryness and shorter conveyance cycles. As an incorporated service, Managed DevOps consolidates persistent improvement with oversaw services for platform and framework operations and is accessible for delivering Azure cloud applications as it were.


This eventually saves a huge amount of time, energy and money for organizations, giving them a chance to drive advancement.


Our DevOps solutions plug the gaps that exist between software development, quality assurance, and IT activities subsequently empowering you to rapidly create software products and services while enhancing operational execution essentially.


The DevOps group first association is commenced with improvement group through SCRUM sessions started by the Agile Sprints cycles. The outline connections and necessities result in an abnormal state comprehension of the earth and advancement foundation.


Our DevOps services:


  • DevOps consulting services
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • DevOps configuration management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring/Management
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Platform-as-a-service (PAAS)



Binary Informatics Global Delivery Model:


With an objective of enabling cost reduction and client focus on core areas, Binary Informatics offers a delivery model which is best of onsite, offshore and nearshore model based on what leads to practical cost savings and value addition.