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Binary Informatics provide services in Block-chain and adjacent technologies including shared ledger, distributed ledger, and smart contracts. BI provides a host of offerings to help in the adoption, integration, and realization of block-chain networks. We also bring its strength in other technology areas to complement or combine with block-chain and help amplify its value.

Offshore Development Company, Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Devops, App Development, Video Solutions, Designing Services, Binary Informatics

Value Proposition

  • Unmatched safety level
  • Absolutely decentralized
  • Numerous Services and Functionalities
  • Usability Study
  • Full anonymity


Business Use

  • Unlock Global Potential
  • Reduction of manual effort in monitoring
  • Optimized shift planning based on predicted workloads
  • Operational Excellence




We offer fully customizable and high-octane Ethereum Development solutions at the best market price. Oodles Technologies incorporates the cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art technologies to bring you the most optimum development solutions for your business. It has been our firm endeavor to bring you the best of both innovation and technologies.


Cryptocurrency Development Services

We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to develop cryptocurrencies for our clients. Apart from decentralized application development, our team holds the right combination of knowledge and expertise in the niche. We also facilitate our clients with services like crypto coin creation, wallet development, and crypto coin exchange platform.


Smart Contract

Digital computer protocols created in order to validate conditions of a legal contract between businesses is called a smart contract. Higher security and reduction in transaction costs of contracting process is what makes smart contracts beneficial for businesses. We create secure, private and reliable smart contract solutions for your businesses that are secure and provide you with the right business foundation.


Blockchain Based Wallet Development

With the rising number of ICOs and cryptocurrencies, the need for security of digital currencies has also increased. The solution? Blockchain-based wallets. We develop secure wallet systems for end users. Our wallet solutions allow consumers to store their private transaction keys and process other operations like receiving, storing and sending cryptocurrencies with ease.